PMC is a "One-Stop-Shop". Here are other divisions of PMC Group.

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Plastic and Metal Center is your one stop shop for CNC and Conventional Machining, Injection molding of plastic and insert or over molding for plastic covering metal, thermo vacuum forming of plastic for housing and covers, medical packaging and instruments housing, ventilation covers, gaslets and seals, cork, foam and plastic cutting for manufacturing. PMC serves many industries including gas, aerospace, medical electronic and military, we are an ISO 9001-2008 certified small business and GMP. Located in southern California, Orange County near Los Angeles and San Diego.

PMC Products is one of the companies of PMC group which introduces new line of patented products including toothbrush holder for in-drawer or counter top.

All the PMC products are made in USA at our factory in southern California.

PMC thermoformed trays and die cut pouch cards can be designed and produced within weeks. Tyvek© type seal package or pouch packaging medical instruments, devices and disposable surgical kits can be manufactured at low cost. Low quantity and production to meet any volume needed in clean environment.

Die cut pouch cards are FDA HDPE grade to meet your needs. PMC has design capability to produce SolidWorks designs within days. Package Testing and Validation available.

PMC Pro has clean room organizers catheter tree and garment dispensers buffont organizers and glove boxes cotton swabs for medical application and tooling and fixtures to meet production needs for assembly and package testing and validation.

PMC Plastics is specialized in fabrication of pop displays, shadow boxes, plexi stands, brochure holders, product displays, sheet tubes, rods, material sales, plexi, acrylic, teflon, delrin™, nylon, acetal, ABS, machine grade Lexan™ and polycarbonate, peek, torlon and other engineered plastics for medical, electronic and military usages.